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26 Best Restaurants in New York City That Locals Love

New York City is home to about 19 million people. The lifestyle, both night and day, is always booming. Locals go about their businesses every day, just like any other day. But what is the secret of a happy life in one of the world’s most populous cities? Something all New Yorkers do every day; eat out. These are the best restaurants in New York City.

Best Restaurants in New York City That Locals Love

New York City is a fantastic place; the secret is its popular restaurants. Even on your first visit, it won’t take long before you know the best restaurants and where locals go to fill their bellies.   

If you want to visit New York City, don’t miss out on these culturally delicious New York restaurants frequented by locals. If you are an NYC resident or a one-time visitor, visit any of the following restaurants for the meal of a lifetime.

Best Restaurants in New York City

Saigon Grill and Bar

Saigon Grill and Bar

Address: 4521 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY 11234, United States

Saigon Grill and Bar offers an extensive menu that combines fresh Vietnamese/Asian ingredients and flavors to create delicious dishes. These are delivered in a conducive and clean atmosphere that enhances the taste. Explore the Saigon Grill and Bar food menu for more details.

This restaurant in New York City also offers a grill and bar with your favorite cocktails, which you can enjoy when catching up on a live game on the big screen. The bar is fully stocked and offers a relaxing atmosphere ideal for friends to meet up.

Saigon Grill and Bar also offers delivery services. So, if you don’t feel like getting out of the apartment or hotel room, you can place your order.

Galli Restaurant

Galli Restaurant

Address: 45 Mercer St, New York, NY 10013, United States

Galli is a delicious Italian restaurant located just one block off the main shopping strip in SoHo. The fare is traditional Italian comfort food with house-made sauces and expertly cooked main courses. The restaurant is surprisingly large, with a beautiful large skylight in the main dining room.

If you are a cocktail fan, the menu boasts a selection of uniquely crafted cocktails and a full bar of liqueurs and spirits. The servers and bartenders are well-versed in their wine selection. You can buy both by the glass and by the bottle. They also have a weekday happy hour with appetizers and wines.

The SoHo area may be a tourist hot spot, but with Galli located a block from the main strip, you won’t run into the paths of hungry tourists. It is frequented by locals and professionals who live or work in the area, giving the restaurant a calm and inviting atmosphere.

When you stop by Galli, ensure you try the Mad Calamari and the Rigatoni Gamberi.

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Curry In a Hurry

Curry In a Hurry

Address: 119 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016, United States

As its name suggests, Curry In a Hurry is a great place to get authentic, inexpensive, and delicious Indian food quickly! The restaurant is located on a strip in the Murray Hill neighborhood, lovingly nicknamed Curry Hill, due to the proliferation of lovely ethnic shops, grocery stores, and restaurants.

The downstairs of this restaurant is where you order, but you take everything upstairs to eat. The upstairs section is spacious, with several tables that look out the windows. It is a unique environment; you can watch shoppers walk along Lexington. Waiters walk around to refill their water while Indian pop music videos play on TV.

If you haven’t tried Indian food before, don’t be intimidated! Curry in a Hurry is set up in a cafeteria style, so you can look at the food choices before selecting. The classic Chicken Tikka Masala and Saag Paneer (a heavenly cheese and spinach dish) with a few pieces of delicious Naan bread will never lead you wrong!

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Patsy’s Pizzeria

Patsy's Pizzeria

Address: Numerous locations city-wide

Patsy’s is an institution in the El Barrio area of New York City. It was opened in 1933 as one of the first pizzerias in the city, and they still use the original coal oven to make their pizzas. It’s a landmark, true, but it also offers a delicious slice.

If you sit inside the restaurant, there are more options besides pizza, including pasta, paninis, and salads. The takeout side of the restaurant is the more frequented space and is where you can see the original coal oven.

You can buy pizza by the pie or the slice, and unlike many other New York pizzerias, everything is cooked fresh. Pizza slices aren’t sitting in a glass case all day waiting to be chosen! When you stop by Patsy’s, try their plain cheese pizza. You won’t be disappointed.

A Salt and Battery

A Salt and Battery

Address: 112 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011, United States

Located in the West Village, A Salt and Battery is hands-down the best place in the city to get authentic British fish and chips. The menu is small, but each dish is perfectly battered and fried. They even have the staple condiments – try the malt vinegar and a smattering of salt instead of ketchup to get the full experience.

You may think that fish and chips are “just fish and chips,” but you will change your mind when you taste the most delicious fish and chips at A Salt and Battery. Each fish filet is flaky and delicious, with the perfect beer-battered flavor. The chips are traditionally thick-cut and expertly fried.

The restaurant is not large, having just two counter-style tables at the wall and window and two small round tables in the center. The space is designed more for takeout. But if you find a seat, you can enjoy the traditional British “chippy” environment inside. Go for the haddock – it’ll change your life!

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Mariscos El Submarino

Mariscos El Submarino

Address: 8805 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372, United States

The way you will feel dining at Mariscos El Submarino restaurant is clearly stated in their mission. It aims to provide fresh, healthy, nutritious, and tasty food at the most competitive price. They also do so in a clean and friendly environment where everyone feels at home.

This seafood restaurant incorporates many traditional Mexican dishes, including ceviche, aguachile, & tostadas. If that sounds like what you want to taste, you now know where to find it at the best price in NYC. This Jackson Heights restaurant is not to overlooked if you’re in the neighborhood.

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Sushi On Me

Sushi On Me

Address: 71-26 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372, United States

Are you looking for a weekend getaway restaurant? Sushi On Me is where you want to enjoy a premium omakase in a speakeasy vibe. Its chefs are dedicated to delivering the best and making your omakase experience one of a kind.

Sushi On Me is the best restaurant in New York City if you want to have a memorable dinner with your loved one. All customers get premium service and enjoy their meals with soothing jazz music in the background.

The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining, allowing you to catch a breeze. Private party and catering services are also available. Sushi On Me is also located in Jackson Heights, just a hop, skip, and jump from Mariscos El Submarino.

One White Street

One White Street

Address: 1 White St, New York, NY 10013, United States

One White Street is the first restaurant on this list that offers an upstairs and downstairs menu. But even before talking about their tasty menus, let us say something about the building itself.

One White Street is located in a historic townhouse in a neighborhood with a rich history. The building has aesthetics comparable to 5-star hotels. Marble, suede, fancy wood, and glossy ceramic tiles decorate the walls and floors.

One White Street has three different menus: upstairs, downstairs, and drink. The downstairs menu includes tempura carrots, brussels sprouts salad, shaved fennel, grilled monkfish chop, and rice pudding tart. The upstairs menu isn’t short of items either. Don’t forget to have a bite of scallop skewers and focaccia with caramelized onion torta!

Hawksmoor NYC

Hawksmoor NYC Restaurant

Address: 109 E 22nd St, New York, NY 10010, United States

In a nutshell, Hawksmoor NYC Restaurant is an excellent restaurant that serves oysters, steak, seafood, desserts, and a creative cocktail menu. It offers a fine-dining NYC menu of straightforward food for all to enjoy.

If there’s one complaint, it does not have food delivery services. Hawksmoor NYC Restaurant’s menu is based on all-natural beef from family-run farms. It is located in the historic United Charity Buildings, just a few steps from Gramercy Park. Its facilities include a wine bar area and two private dining spaces.

Hawksmoor NYC Restaurant has come to the spotlight as one of the best restaurants in New York City for its menu of creative dishes. It is known for dry-aged steaks, award-winning cocktails, and social and environmental consciousness.

Taste cast-iron filet steak with bone marrow skirlie if you get a table. However, you can explore other dishes on the menu and enjoy the meal of a lifetime.

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Address: 84 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002, United States

If you are looking for a restaurant on the Lower East Side, 8282 may be your best option. The favorite Korean restaurant serves you the best anju, banju, spring pea Crudo, geumtae gui, and snow dansewoo crudo, among other favorite dishes. You can also check in to enjoy the best rice dishes and delectably tender chicken thighs.

Its name shows that its main focus is Korean dishes – and how. The double 82 comes from the Korean country code +82. The Korean language translates it to mean quickly or faster, meaning you get quick services for your favorite dish.

Visit 8282 on the Lower East Side for the best and most affordable Korean foods. If you get to the restaurant, you can try out Angel hair pasta tossed in soy sauce and topped with seaweed and sesame seed crumbs. It is one of my favorites because of its aroma and flavor.

Comodo Restaurant

Comodo Restaurant

Address: 23 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010, United States

Comodo Restaurant can be relatively expensive compared to others on this list but serves some of the best-tasting Latin American food in the city. You can enjoy lamb sliders and wild mushroom tacos with Oaxaca cheese. Also, there is even piranha with farofa; the flavors are out of this world.

This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner every day of the week and weekend brunch. You can also enjoy delightful drinks at the intimate bar top.

Comodo Restaurant is also great for private events. It has private rooms you can reserve for friends and family gatherings.   

Chocobar Cortés

Chocobar Cortés

Address: 141 Alexander Ave, Bronx, NY 10454, United States

Chocobar Cortés is known for its chocolate-themed menu. It has some of the best chocolate and coffee in the city and is not short of what to eat. At Chocobar Cortés you will find the best aperitivos, sandwiches, and others. You can taste grilled or fried chicken sandwiches or smoked pork sandwiches to get an insight into their tasting menu.

You can also grab a chocolate croissant and order what you like from an extensive chocolate menu. The restaurant is famous for Puerto Rican dark hot chocolate offered at the best prices. It is something worth your time and money.

The Chocobar Cortés was opened in 2013. It has established itself over the years and has even won some awards. If chocolate runs in your veins, you should check out what this restaurant offers!

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Edith’s Eatery & Grocery  

Edith’s Eatery & Grocery

Address: 312 Leonard St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

To grab some fast food, consider Edith’s Eatery & Grocery restaurant. The eater offers a new generation of food brands based on the traditions and history of Jewish comfort food.

Edith’s sandwich counter serves scratch-made bagels and hot sandwiches. You will also get some starters, sides, and slushies for breakfast and lunch. The doors are open every day of the week.

Edith’s grocery offers you an all-day dining menu consisting of smoked fish, meat, and many more. It also has a wine bar and rare grocery items.

Edith’s Eatery & Grocery is a relatively new restaurant, but locals already like it. That’s because the foods are more affordable than in high-end restaurants, where you may spend a fortune on just a sandwich, but the quality stays the same.

Commerce Inn

Commerce Inn

Address: 50 Commerce St, New York, NY 10014, United States

Commerce Inn is a Shaker-inspired Early American tavern and restaurant in the West Village. The restaurant is nestled between the corner of Commerce and Barrow, with a truly stacked menu.

Commerce Inn focuses on fresh and straightforward fare inspired by heritage recipes. You can order oysters, pot pies, rarebits, and other classic dishes. The menu also has crafted cocktails, milk punches, and smokey spirits.

If you have a date or want to unwind, visit Commerce Inn and grab a spot in the bar area. The restaurant lets you enjoy your drink or plate in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that’ll make that night truly special.

Lore Restaurant

Lore Restaurant

Address: 441 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States

Another pick from Brooklyn is Lore. This time, this makes it on our list for its culturally diverse menu. If you want to taste a broad range of foods, go nowhere else but Lore. Their food is excellent!

Lore has Indian-inspired dishes to choose from, as well as classic fish n’ chips. It is the go-to restaurant in New York City for dosa and wild mushrooms. When you get to the restaurant, order coriander-heavy coconut chutney and sea bream accompanied with yogurt sauce – I’m not a coconut guy, but it was heaven.

The culturally-diverse menu at Lore is great to sample. Other items on the menu include short rib, brussels sprouts, smoked coho salmon, butter chicken, baked puff pastry samosa, braced tofu, and unique desserts. The drink menu also has the best cocktails you can ever ask for.  

Lore also offers catering services. Whether you want to organize an office party or at-home celebrations, the restaurant can help you make your event memorable. You can inquire about the service directly from the website or when you visit for a tasty bite.

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Rowdy Rooster

Rowdy Rooster

Address: 149 1st Ave., New York, NY 10003, United States

Finally, the Indian chicken has arrived! As the name suggests, Rowdy Rooster is your go-to place to taste fabulous fast food with an Indian twist.

Rowdy Rooster gives you the best chicken dishes from Indian streets in New York City. The chefs in this restaurant are experienced in Indian foods and offer the best in flavor and tantalizing aromas.

Enjoy crunchy fried chicken pieces covered in yogurt and topped with caramelized onion. Whether you need fried chicken, smothered chicken, or any other, you find it right here at Rowdy Rooster.

Additionally, the restaurant offers some yummy vegetarian options – good news for those who have given up meat and other animal products but not flavor!   

Africa Kine

Africa Kine

Address: 2267 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10027

Africa Kine restaurant offers NYC a taste of authentic African fare. This neighborhood restaurant has become a cornerstone in the New York City African community and is recognized as one of the best for African Cuisine. It also boasts prompt service and friendly staff that welcomes and treats customers equally.

Africa Kine is best known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and use of quality fresh ingredients. It has many items on the menu to choose from.

You can walk in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and you will never get anything but the best bites. The restaurant is also the go-to for African appetizers and desserts.

Hudson Smokehouse

Hudson Smokehouse

Address: 37 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx, NY 10454

Many new restaurants like mushrooms are sprouting up in the South Bronx, and Hudson Smokehouse is no exception. However, this stands out in various ways and has gained momentum as the local’s favorite new restaurant.

If you want to enjoy the best barbecues that create memories, choose Hudson Smokehouse. Hudson Smokehouse believes that nothing unites people more than delicious food. Locals and visitors flock to the hotel in the evening and at lunch for a tasty bite.   

The diverse menu is another highlight of the restaurant. Under meats and ribs, you can have pork belly burnt ends, turkey breasts, brisket, and more.

The restaurant also boasts a large array of sandwiches of jerk chicken, fried chicken, Henny chicken, pulled pork, and other mouthwatering options.

We can’t talk about everything on the menu but know that you should never miss their burgers and smoked fried wings on top of all that yumminess I mentioned.

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Golden Palace Gourmet

Golden Palace Gourmet

Address: 140-09 Cherry Ave, Queens, NY 11355

Golden Palace Gourmet is a great restaurant known for custom-made dishes. The tasty menu was crafted with expert knowledge of Korean and European foods. As simple as the restaurant seems, you will get the best, tasty meals cooked and served with love.

Golden Palace Gourmet restaurant is open every day of the week, and what they serve is not limited to items on the menu – that said, the menu is entirely boss.

You can order superb appetizers, seafood, vegetables, shredded tofu, braised pork belly, smoked chicken bone, and cabbage. Explore the full menu for more, and choose your favorite!

The best part about the many items on the menu list; most of them are very affordable at just a few bucks. Despite that, you will also get the best services. And what’s more? You can order your food online!

Jack & Charlie

Jack & Charlie

Address: 118 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA

Jack & Charlie is another new West Village restaurant offering locals the best cuisine from a well-crafted menu. It was opened to pay tribute to supper clubs, speakeasies, and icons that show New York City’s culinary past.

The restaurant appeals to the eye because of its elegant appearance. Its irresistible aesthetics come from a teal palette created by pictures and cozy designs. The restaurant consists of the bar, Turner, Astor, and Oyster rooms. What you are served depends on where you are seated.

For dinner, you can stop by for whole wheat Belgian waffles, corn beef hash benedict, wild mushroom omelet, chocolate babka French toast, and many more sumptuous dishes like seafood or house-made pasta.

The bar bites section is also pretty outstanding. The black truffle toast, soft pretzels, and shepherd’s pie croquettes are highly recommended.

Chick Chick

Chick Chick

Address: 618 Amsterdam Ave (at 90th St), New York, NY 10024

Chick Chick is a brilliant name. Simple. Elegant. Direct. Truthful. Poignant. We should give credit to the person behind it for such creativity. Once you hear it, you can’t help but think of Charles’s pan-fried chicken. Plus, it’s just fun to say.

Chicken is a near-universal foodstuff in many cultures, but the recipes are what varies. At Chick Chick, you will enjoy the best taste of Korean-inspired chicken. You will get it at the restaurant if you want a takeaway, dine around the table, or have late-night cravings.

The menu also includes classic American-style dishes with many options, but the ramen chicken is the most popular item you can try out.

Ramen at Chick Chick is thoughtfully prepared to be flavorful until the last drop. It is the best you can choose from the menu for dinner that will leave you feeling warm, nurtured, fulfilled, and satisfied.

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Address: 551 Hudson St (Perry St), New York, NY 10014

Dante in the West Village mainly focuses on produce and seafood, grilled over a wood fire or roasted in a charcoal oven. Additionally, these are paired with world-class martinis from their aperitivo bar.

Dante West Village offers different dishes, ranging from roasted cauliflower to fire-roasted organic chicken and dry-aged ribeye. You can also enjoy Dante’s signature burger. Dante West Village is the best restaurant in the neighborhood to consider if you like barbequed food.

You can pair its many dishes with concocted drinks listed under different categories. It can be a perfect spot for a weekend or evening when you want to enjoy a darn good meal and unwind.

Cadence Restaurant

Cadence Restaurant

Address: 122 East 7th Street, New York, 10009

Cadence is a recent restaurant in the East Village but is already getting all the hype and for a good reason. This soul food restaurant’s main highlights are its funky narrow space, beautiful decor, and just 12 seats at the chef’s counter. These are the real hot seats because these exclusive stools take you closer to the action in this intimate restaurant.

That’s not where the exclusivity ends with this mini eatery that seats only a handful of hungry customers… Cadence is among the minority of NYC restaurants that offer exclusively plant-based dishes.

Its most sought-after vegan foods include southern-fried lasagna, grits, pine nut ricotta, and layers of pasta. You can also get red wine Beyond Meat bolognese. One of the restaurant’s most iconic dishes is the Cadence Cobbler – order it. Yesterday.

This is a seasonal fruit and ice cream topped with blueberry compote. You may want to try it if you live in the East Village or are visiting for the first time.

Via Carota

Via Carota

Address: 51 Grove St, New York, NY 10014, United States

If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in New York City, search no more. Via Carota serves plates and aperitifs in a rustic, cozy space. Its interior is well-designed and reflects true beauty. You also consider it a meeting point for your dates because it automatically puts you in the mood.

Via Carota menu has it all. When you walk into the restaurant, you will always have something mouth-watering on the menu for you. Even if you have nothing in mind, you only need to go to the Via Carota restaurant. You can eat and enjoy wine or mixed drinks from cocktails and other libations.

Why do we have Via Carota on the list? Its simple and affordable food is the restaurant’s main highlight; trust me, it is a HIGHlight.

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Nepali Bhanchha Ghar

Nepali Bhanchha Ghar

Address: 74-15 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

Nepali Bhanchha Ghar restaurant is open for outdoor dining, takeaway, and delivery. That means you don’t have to go to the restaurant to taste its various dishes. But in Jackson Heights, you can walk and enjoy your meals outdoors.

What IS it with Jackson Heights and great food?! Maybe think about finding a rental nearby or checking into the conveniently located Elmhurst Hotel and make a food tour out of it. Nepali Bhanchha Ghar was established in 2015. Since then, it has gained praise from famous restaurant critics and won the hearts of residents of Jackson Heights.

The menu includes momos, Nepali barbecues, traditional snacks, noodles, and vegetarian dishes. Like most restaurants, you can never miss what to order from the list. Whether you like chicken, beef, or greens, you get it all in one restaurant. The foods are also affordable.

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

Address: 102 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Yellow Rose comes last on our list of the best restaurants in New York City, but it is no way behind in the services it offers. The restaurant offers foods and drinks inspired by the South Texas roots of the founders. All the dishes served at Yellow Rose are 100% made from scratch.

Yellow Rose restaurant offers specials, brunch, lunch, dinner menus, and drinks. Each of these categories has a long list below them to choose from – I highly suggest you go nuts.

The specials contain beer-battered asparagus, pink cake with lemon curd, a hot fried chicken sandwich, pork belly, beans, and a special frozie. Check out the rest from Yellow Rose Menu. Visit Yellow Rose to enjoy fresh, handmade flour tortillas with cherry coke and vegan queso. It is delicious and aromatic.

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How We Chose the Best Restaurants in New York City

How We Chose the Best Restaurants in New York City

New York City is a vast city. You don’t have to cross over to the other side for hours. So, we have to choose the best restaurants that locals love carefully. We considered the following factors:


Location is a primary factor. You must get to the restaurants on time, regardless of where you come from. We have sampled restaurants from various parts of the city.

So, you can get to a nearby restaurant in New York City without trying to beat the traffic in the city. Also, we considered accessibility.  

Menu Highlights

If you want to enjoy your lunch or dinner, you should not be limited by what’s on the menu. Whether to enjoy a natural wine, fried chicken, or your favorite street food, you should get it. The best restaurants in New York City on this list have different dishes. You can never miss something to order from the menu.

Quality of Service

Tasty menus are nothing if services are awful. We have ensured you get the best service from the best New York City waiters and waitresses. The management values customers, and everyone is treated with respect and equality.


Delicious foods are tastier when served in a cool place. The restaurants on this list can also double up as a spot to take your special one for a beef noodle soup or any preferred dish. They can double up as ideal spots for romantic dinners.

Food Prices

You don’t have to drain your pocket to eat a jerk chicken at a local restaurant. After a careful evaluation, we have found the best restaurants in NYC where you can dine and drink just for a few bucks. Despite the affordability, the foods are still delicious, and the services are top-notch.  

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